August Fishing Report

What a month it has been and how about these conditions we have been having the last few weeks!!  From the end of July & for most of August we have seen back to back days of consistent weather patterns and for most anglers that has meant getting offshore and catching a feed of quality table fish.  Reds, Trout, Snapper some big Cod and Grassies have all been pulled from the depths.

Mitch Martens getting it done with a quality Snapper on the plastics

Fresh Squid baits, floating Pillies & Mullet strips have been doing the job.  We have started to see more anglers opting for using slow pitch jigs to mix it up after boating a few for a feed.  The Explorer & Samaki centre balanced jigs have been working well.  Mixed in with all the reef fish have been Cobia & some good size AJ’s.  There is still the odd Spanish getting about with a few Longtails. 

For the guys & girls looking to have a bit of fun in the slower bite times we have started to stock a few knife jigs at The Chandlery Bait & Tackle.  200gm & 300gm Black Magic jigs have been getting a few runs on the board for the crew chasing an arm stretching with the hard pulling AJ’s that are out there in good numbers.  Using your electronics to sound up tightly packed bait schools is a sure fire method.

Mick Gafa with a solid AJ

For the Whiting fishos the Winteries are still out in force and for the crew willing to put in the extra effort pumping Yabbies and fishing into the night have been rewarded with some nice size Summer Whiting.  Squid are still being caught in good numbers also.  Flathead have been on the menu too and the boys have been testing out a few new plastics soon to hit the shelves so watch this space. 

One of our TCB keen young fisho’s getting a nice feed with Dad

Mangrove Jacks have started to make an appearance.  Even in the cooler water Jacks’ gotta eat.  There were a couple of days early in the month where we saw the water temp pick up a couple of degrees for a few days and those in the know got out and targeted the Red Dogs with success.  This time of year, and this goes for Barra too, look for exposed structure as this will often have sightly warmer water around it as the sun heats the exposed snag.  Exposed rock bars, pylons and the sunny side of the bank are good places to start looking for a winter Jack.

So, we popped down to the AFTA trade show a couple of weeks ago to have a look at all the new & exciting toys on offer later in the year.  I must say it was nice to see some “new“ gear coming on the market.  Heaps of new innovative lures for the Flathead fisho to guys casting big top water lures at our Aussie natives.  Like we said above watch this space.  Don’t forget that if there is something you want us to get in or stock, be it fishing, or chandlery just ask the team.

That’s all for now Crew & if you have not heard we are now running a monthly photo competition on our Facebook page.  There is a $100.00 voucher up for grabs each month and the winner will be announced on the 1st of every month on our FB Page

How this for a Red!! Harry Long

Find us at the Tin Can Bay Marina, Emperor St for all your boating and fishing needs.

Cheers & Tight Lines

The Chandlery Bait & Tackle

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