Stainless Steel, Antifoul Paints, Fibre Glassing supplies, Electronics, Bilge and Water Pumps, Navigation and Deck Lights, Sounders & Trailer parts. We carry a full range of   safety gear, EPIRB’s, Flares, VHF radios etc


Unleaded and Diesel available at the fuel wharf for all boats, big and small.  Recreational & Commercial Vessels all welcome.  After hours fuel ups available on booking

Fishing Tackle:

Rods, Reels & a full range of terminal tackle from little estuary to offshore. A wall full of soft plastic & hardbodied lures & flies to suit every angler from Bream, Whiting & Flathead to Popping for GT’s, trolling for Spanish or jigging for Snapper & Emperor.


Always in stock, we pride ourselves on never running out. 

IQF Pillys, Squid, Whole Mullet, Flicker Mullet, Crab Bait Local fresh worms


20kg Crushed, 10Kg Crushed, 3.5Kg Crushed & 5kg Block


Refiles and Gas Bottles available